The Mobile Spectrum Analyzer series products are integrated with signal detection, acquisition and backhaul, and can be monitored by network. It can also be used for DVB-C, DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T/T2 signal analysis. This product contains many functions and flexible configuration, and supports customers to carry out secondary development, making it a common platform for cable TV signal analysis. It is suitable for satellite and cable TV network operators, transmitter manufacturers, after-sales service technicians and regulatory authorities.
• Accurate signal analysis: support spectrum, constellation, MER, SNR, Level and other signal quality indication parameters monitoring.
• Fault detection: Fast implementation of capturing interference signals. Long-term recording of important parameters and real-time warning of bad signals.
• Support IP/4G (compatible with 3G) network backhaul detection data
Signal parameter detection
Detect channel signal information, such as intensity, quality, MER, BER, frequency offset, constellation, Lock status, etc.
Spectrum Information
Set relevant spectrum information, such as center frequency, span, etc., can refer to the spectrum information within the bandwidth.
Warning function
It can detect up to 8 signal states for prediction. Like a frequency, it can be level, SNR, lock status, bit error rate, etc. Once it is not in this range, a red status bar will appear to alert, and the background can also send mail or It is an early warning operation such as mobile phone text messages.
Application Scenario
The MAS in the building sends the signal information of the node to the server of the operator's computer room through the wired network or 4G; the server software in the equipment room can track each node device, and can also operate the node remotely. Equipment, such as the frequency of modification checks, and so on.
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